Yoga with Furry Friends {Funny Video}

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Admittedly, there are certain risks on the days that we decide to do a home practice instead of making the trip into the studio. A spouse or roommate may distract us; we may distract ourselves! Who hasn’t come home with the intention to practice, only to end up checking emails, making a grocery list, finishing laundry, or just plain taking a nap instead?!


Or, perhaps you’ve had this more amusing distraction: your cat or dog believes that the minute you unroll your yoga mat, you’re extending an invitation to them to play. 


yogapod - down dog

Our 2′ x 6″ mat masquerades as a blanket, a cat bed, and a playground for our pups.


It can be fun or it can be a nuisance to have them nearby, depending on the mood you’re in. 


But if we can learn one thing from home yoga with furry friends, it’s this— that a little bit of joy and playfulness can be a good thing, and perhaps we we can model it in our own asana practice.



I hope you enjoy a good laugh!




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Caitlin Oriel is a Boulder native. She started doing yoga in college to de-stress from the pressures of college athletics. Caitlin has recently fallen in love with Forrest yoga. She is a columnist at Elephant Journal and enjoys writing about real life experiences and issues she is passionate about. In her spare time, she loves to spend time watching sunrises and sunsets outside. Her current creative endeavor is learning to play the acoustic guitar.
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