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Best Yoga Studio in Denver

I originally joined Yoga Pod a few months ago for the barre and tone classes to compliment my Orangetheory Fitness training one to two times a week. Let’s just say that it didn’t take long for my Yoga Pod addiction is to grow. The staff is unbelievable (super friendly, knowledgeable and challenging) and the owners do a fantastic job making sure this place is clean and the clients are happy. Most importantly, I saw immediate results that I never thought was possible through yoga and even my running has improved immensely! I was certainly not a yogi before I joined Yoga Pod, by any means, and now you can’t keep me out of the studio. It’s like a second home! The Saturday night Hot Yoga class is one of my all-time favorites! Each friend that has joined me for a class at this studio has signed up for a monthly membership on the spot. This place is the best!

Molly Groves

A Healing Oasis

I have been practicing yoga for more than a decade. The Yoga Pod community of teachers are the best in B/CS! Since joining the Pod I have taken a range of classes suited to my ability and physical issues. Every teacher has been responsive to the specific needs of students. I truly believe that the Pod is an integral part of my healing process! Thank you all, and namaste!

Pam Grossman


I like the down-to-earth and welcoming energy in the studio. I always feel encouraged, safe, and free to improve my practice. The teachers have very insightful meditations and cues and the classes are always fun and challenging!

Elizabeth Amann

None have seemed as “real”!

I’ve purchased many home practice yoga videos over the years, but none have seemed as “real” as those instructed on your website by Nicole Wienholt. She is smooth and clear in her instruction and I feel as if I am practicing with her right in my home. I now subscribe to GaiamTV because of her two classes and I am enjoying my home practice so much more. And I’m loving the hot sequence without the heat!



The quality of the teachers, the facility, the silent space in the yoga rooms, the owners!!

Lori Sandler

A Sanctuary to Me

Yoga Pod is clean, the yogis are friendly, there are lots of class offerings, and the price is fair. I never really thought about doing yoga until a couple friends invited me; 2 years later and now I go 2-3 times a week and only to Yoga Pod. It’s become a sanctuary to me, and I thank the owners (Gerry and Nicole) for the atmosphere they have created.

Daniel Watson

Sarah Cronick. She is amazing.

I went to a yoga class last week taught by Sarah Cronick. She is amazing. Fantastic adjustments, a light hearted class, and she really understands the body- Especially at 7:30am. I felt like she really catered to the class and her unique style of teaching was so awesome- I could tell she had forest yoga training- very deep and we got to use the wall, which is always my favorite.

I left feeling like I had just received a deep-tissue yoga massage and felt more open than I have in a long time. Please add more 7:30am class times and please put Sarah Cronick on the schedule more! She was fantastic!


Emily Move

This workshop stirred emotions I didn’t know I had!

I was intrigued immediately when I heard about the Heart, Mind, Mat workshop – I signed up, unsure of what to expect but hoped to gain new knowledge about myself and a broader awareness. What I received was all this and much more – the workshop stirred emotions I didn’t know I had, provided perspective I didn’t know I needed, and left me feeling more centered and grounded. Regardless of your expectations, this workshop will provide a beautiful and enriching experience – I look forward to participating again.

Heather Irmiger

I’m very happy I chose Yoga Pod!

I am writing to say that I’ve been a Prema member at yoga pod for six months now, and I’m very happy I chose Yoga Pod. I love coming there everyday and I’m constantly impressed with the quality of the teachers. I also love that you offer different types of classes like Sweat, Heat & Beats and Yoga for Dancers, I used to be a professional ballerina, so those classes are extremely fun for me.


“Small Town” Vibe!

The Yoga Pod has a lot of class options and is a big organization yet it still has a “small town” vibe. The teachers are all great and really welcoming too.


This training has empowered and inspired me!

Yoga Pod’s 80 hr Immersion is a deep and comprehensive journey into the history, philosophy, asana and energetic properties of yoga. Through the lens of multiple lineages this modern and non-dogmatic approach to teaching encouraged the student to cultivate one’s own ideas about an ancient practice being harnessed in modern times. This training has empowered and inspired me beyond my wildest expectations to live MY yoga. I’m grateful to our teachers Erin, Matt, Caitlin, Nafisa and the Yoga Pod for having the courage to offer this sacred information in an open and breathable manner. This program will forever be a gift. With gratitude,


I LOVE Alex’s class!

Hello! I just wanted to sing some thanks and praises for Alex’s Thursday evening class. I’ve been doing yoga on and off for 10 years, and just started going to your studio a couple months ago. I LOVE Alex’s class! It’s challenging and super fun!! I would love to see more classes taught by him. Just wanted to send a message of gratitude your way. Thank you very much!

Ashley Engler

I can’t thank you enough!

Gerry and Nicole – WOW. From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough for this weekend. It has been absolutely transformational, and I don’t use that word lightly. The Heart, Mind, and Mat workshop broke a dam that has been holding me back for far too long. Through the combination of yoga and the life strategy principles of the program, something that has been in the distance and just out of reach for years has suddenly come into razor-sharp clarity for me in the last 48 hours, and there is absolutely no turning back. My mission statement and vision have begun to crystallize in my head, and I can’t wait to commit them to paper and share them with you. I can’t explain it on any rational level, but the two of you have supplied oxygen to the embers within me and ignited a fire that I thought had been extinguished a long time ago.

Macaire Merkel

Valuable Set of Tools

Through the heart, mind, and mat series I accrued a valuable set of tools that have enabled me to clearly define my goals for the future and the ability to accomplish them. Through a series of thoughtful exercises, I learned how to take the necessary steps towards achieving what I desire in both my personal and professional life. I left the workshop feeling inspired, confident, and prepared that I could make my personal vision of the future a reality.

Bart Hero

New Realities and New Possibilities

Most of us think we know who we are and where we’re going, but Gerry and Nicole’s Heart, Mind & Mat workshop opened my eyes to new realities and new possibilities. Setting a firm mission and vision has transformed the way I look at life, relationships and goals, and has put a positive intention behind every action I take.

Laura Hobbs

Thoughtful Guidance

Heart Mind & Mat with Gerry & Nicole Wienholt is a fun and thoughtful way to re-access your dreams and talents. I loved traveling down memory lane to when I was a child and returning to my true hopes and desires. As the workshop progressed, the thoughtful guidance of Nicole & Gerry helped me look at important aspects of my life and find a realistic way to achieve my goals. I loved listening to Nicole & Gerry’s stories and found the reflection exercises and yoga practices helped me listen to myself on a deeper level. The power of having a clear mission, vision and goals has helped me achieve many of my dreams. I would recommend Nicole and Gerry’s Heart Mind & Mat to anyone who wants to dive into their hearts and move forward in their lives with positive intention.

Caitlin Rose Kenney

I recently attended an abbreviated version of the Heart, Mind, & Mat program conducted by Gerry and Nicole Wienholt at the Yoga Pod in Boulder CO and found it to be a very thought provoking and inspirational experience. The course is grounded in the extremely powerful concepts embodied in numerous other self-realization programs: finding, surrendering, and committing to your passion, and living a life of intention based around that personal mission.


Integration with the Yogic Principles

What is unique to the Heart, Mind, & Mat program is the integration with the yogic principles of the 7 chakras and the power of the physical manifestation of mental and spiritual energies. Yoga movement can become a forceful allegory and visceral reflection of how we connect with ourselves and relate to our lives and experiences.


Infectious Energy and Sincerity

The deeply personal enthusiasm and commitment to help others find their own passion and purpose helps Gerry and Nicole breathe an infectious energy and sincerity into the program. These are time tested and proven techniques that can help bring meaning and satisfaction to everyone’s lives, and Gerry and Nicole are effective and genuine practitioners of this connection with purpose.

James Cramp

Truly Enlightening

As a relative newcomer to the world of Yoga, the thought of a “Workshop” was not really on my radar. However, I did attend and found that this introduction to The Seven Chakras (which was somewhat new for me) was truly enlightening. The workshop was fun, informative and full of personal discovery. Nicole and Gerry have brought to life a beautiful, informative and positive “workshop” that has easily become habit and behavior. I’ll be back!

Geno Treppeda


There are few words that offer the level of praise that I have for the Heart Mind Mat Series with Gerry and Nicole. If I had to choose just one it would be: Gratitude. This incredible workshop has really left me vibrating at a higher level. The combination of inviting clarity into the mind and breath into the body is truly the evolution of inspiration. Gerry and Nicole are amazing guides and create a space that allows for genuine personal growth. I highly recommend this workshop experience to anyone.

Lauren Champa

Launched and deepened my personal meditation practice

The heart, mind, mat tutorial I attended at the Yoga Pod gave me concrete information and instruction from which to launch and deepen my personal meditation practice. Yoga has been a part of my life for many years, and now I can delve even deeper into the non-physical beauty of my practice.

Ann Raabe

Clarity and calmness to my swirling thoughts

Gerry and Nicole’s Heart, Mind and Mat series came at a time when I was pondering my future. As a full-time mom, I am approaching that time when both my children will be in school, and I’ve begun to think about what I am going to do with my time. The time I spent with Gerry and Nicole helped to bring clarity and calmness to my swirling thoughts. The Heart, Mind and Mat program is both entertaining and thought provoking. I would do it again.

Margo Moscou

Safe Haven

The first thing that I felt about being a part of the Yoga Pod is that feeling of safe haven. Loving support, encouragement, and positive reinforcement of what one wants for them self. A complete flip flop of what I had seen of life from the ”other” side of town! When I heard about “Heart, Mind and Mat” I once again thought that this is definitely what I need to help me pinpoint manifesting the changes that I am going to make in my life. Since making my mission statement visual to myself, I have found that not only do I think of it throughout my weeks but, it changes and gets more focused, clearer and more fine-tuned. Since the class I have been to Nepal and am making plans to continue moving forward with what fulfills the purpose that I have always felt in my heart, and am now getting out of the way of, on or off the mat.

Candace Brown

I would highly recommend the course!

I recently had the privilege of attending the Yoga Pod’s Heart, Mind & Mat course, and found the experience to be extremely edifying, helping me think through my desires and goals for my life, and even larger questions of purpose and contribution to the world. It was an invaluable exercise to undertake, and it was brought alive and made very fun with Gerry and Nicole’s complimentary energy, enthusiasm and passion for life. I would highly recommend the course!

Jesse McConnell