Yoga ToneYogaTone combines yoga, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise into a high energy workout designed to sculpt your body, burn calories, and improve physical well-being. YogaTone begins and ends with a traditional yogic warm-up and cool-down. The middle portion of class utilizes light weights and body weight exercises in order to accelerate change in the body, strengthen weaknesses and increase stability. YogaTone is essential to a balanced yoga practice and will leave you feeling bright and energized. Best of all, the class is a blast and a great, light-hearted way to build community!

Yoga Tone

Thoughtful Guidance

Heart Mind & Mat with Gerry & Nicole Wienholt is a fun and thoughtful way to re-access your dreams and talents. I loved traveling down memory lane to when I was a child and returning to my true hopes and desires. As the workshop progressed, the thoughtful guidance of Nicole & Gerry helped me look at important aspects of my life and find a realistic way to achieve my goals. I loved listening to Nicole & Gerry’s stories and found the reflection exercises and yoga practices helped me listen to myself on a deeper level. The power of having a clear mission, vision and goals has helped me achieve many of my dreams. I would recommend Nicole and Gerry’s Heart Mind & Mat to anyone who wants to dive into their hearts and move forward in their lives with positive intention.

Caitlin Rose Kenney