Yoga ToneYogaTone combines yoga, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise into a high energy workout designed to sculpt your body, burn calories, and improve physical well-being. YogaTone begins and ends with a traditional yogic warm-up and cool-down. The middle portion of class utilizes light weights and body weight exercises in order to accelerate change in the body, strengthen weaknesses and increase stability. YogaTone is essential to a balanced yoga practice and will leave you feeling bright and energized. Best of all, the class is a blast and a great, light-hearted way to build community!

Yoga Tone

Infectious Energy and Sincerity

The deeply personal enthusiasm and commitment to help others find their own passion and purpose helps Gerry and Nicole breathe an infectious energy and sincerity into the program. These are time tested and proven techniques that can help bring meaning and satisfaction to everyone’s lives, and Gerry and Nicole are effective and genuine practitioners of this connection with purpose.

James Cramp