Yoga ToneYogaTone combines yoga, strength training, and cardiovascular exercise into a high energy workout designed to sculpt your body, burn calories, and improve physical well-being. YogaTone begins and ends with a traditional yogic warm-up and cool-down. The middle portion of class utilizes light weights and body weight exercises in order to accelerate change in the body, strengthen weaknesses and increase stability. YogaTone is essential to a balanced yoga practice and will leave you feeling bright and energized. Best of all, the class is a blast and a great, light-hearted way to build community!

Yoga Tone

Sarah Cronick. She is amazing.

I went to a yoga class last week taught by Sarah Cronick. She is amazing. Fantastic adjustments, a light hearted class, and she really understands the body- Especially at 7:30am. I felt like she really catered to the class and her unique style of teaching was so awesome- I could tell she had forest yoga training- very deep and we got to use the wall, which is always my favorite.

I left feeling like I had just received a deep-tissue yoga massage and felt more open than I have in a long time. Please add more 7:30am class times and please put Sarah Cronick on the schedule more! She was fantastic!


Emily Move