Yoga 101: 2-hour Introduction to Yoga


Interested in trying yoga but not sure where to start?


Our 2-hour “Introduction to Yoga” workshop is perfect for anyone new to yoga or those who want a fresh look at the basics. We teach the fundamentals of a sound yoga practice, including foundational alignment in postures and breath. The goal of this workshop is to empower you to participate in our other classes.

Yoga 101

Available at the Following Pods:


Cherry Creek
College Station
Minne tonka
South Glenn
The Wood lands


Safe Haven

The first thing that I felt about being a part of the Yoga Pod is that feeling of safe haven. Loving support, encouragement, and positive reinforcement of what one wants for them self. A complete flip flop of what I had seen of life from the ”other” side of town! When I heard about “Heart, Mind and Mat” I once again thought that this is definitely what I need to help me pinpoint manifesting the changes that I am going to make in my life. Since making my mission statement visual to myself, I have found that not only do I think of it throughout my weeks but, it changes and gets more focused, clearer and more fine-tuned. Since the class I have been to Nepal and am making plans to continue moving forward with what fulfills the purpose that I have always felt in my heart, and am now getting out of the way of, on or off the mat.

Candace Brown