Hot Yoga Teacher Training60-Hour PodHot™ Teacher Training & Immersion

Learn to Teach or Deepen Your Practice

YogaPod-28Yoga Pod PodHot™ Teacher Training and Immersion is suited for yogis who have practiced Hot Yoga and want to understand the subtle energies that make Hot Yoga a life-changing practice.   During this three-week, 60-hour training, experienced instructors will train you to teach and encourage your unique journey as a Hot Yogi. Dive in, take the plunge, and rejuvenate your passion for Hot Yoga!          

PodHot™ Teacher Training & Immersion is the perfect way to:


  • deepen your practice
  • learn to teach
  • sharpen your mind
  • tone your muscles
  • understand the history, benefits,sequence, breath, alignment
  • unlock the secrets to a powerful and graceful practice

We recommend a PodHot practice before training.  

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This workshop stirred emotions I didn’t know I had!

I was intrigued immediately when I heard about the Heart, Mind, Mat workshop – I signed up, unsure of what to expect but hoped to gain new knowledge about myself and a broader awareness. What I received was all this and much more – the workshop stirred emotions I didn’t know I had, provided perspective I didn’t know I needed, and left me feeling more centered and grounded. Regardless of your expectations, this workshop will provide a beautiful and enriching experience – I look forward to participating again.

Heather Irmiger

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