Hot Yoga Teacher Training60-Hour PodHot™ Teacher Training & Immersion

Learn to Teach or Deepen Your Practice

YogaPod-28Yoga Pod PodHot™ Teacher Training and Immersion is suited for yogis who have practiced Hot Yoga and want to understand the subtle energies that make Hot Yoga a life-changing practice.   During this three-week, 60-hour training, experienced instructors will train you to teach and encourage your unique journey as a Hot Yogi. Dive in, take the plunge, and rejuvenate your passion for Hot Yoga!          

PodHot™ Teacher Training & Immersion is the perfect way to:


  • deepen your practice
  • learn to teach
  • sharpen your mind
  • tone your muscles
  • understand the history, benefits,sequence, breath, alignment
  • unlock the secrets to a powerful and graceful practice

We recommend a PodHot practice before training.  

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Truly Enlightening

As a relative newcomer to the world of Yoga, the thought of a “Workshop” was not really on my radar. However, I did attend and found that this introduction to The Seven Chakras (which was somewhat new for me) was truly enlightening. The workshop was fun, informative and full of personal discovery. Nicole and Gerry have brought to life a beautiful, informative and positive “workshop” that has easily become habit and behavior. I’ll be back!

Geno Treppeda

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