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Safe Haven

The first thing that I felt about being a part of the Yoga Pod is that feeling of safe haven. Loving support, encouragement, and positive reinforcement of what one wants for them self. A complete flip flop of what I had seen of life from the ”other” side of town! When I heard about “Heart, Mind and Mat” I once again thought that this is definitely what I need to help me pinpoint manifesting the changes that I am going to make in my life. Since making my mission statement visual to myself, I have found that not only do I think of it throughout my weeks but, it changes and gets more focused, clearer and more fine-tuned. Since the class I have been to Nepal and am making plans to continue moving forward with what fulfills the purpose that I have always felt in my heart, and am now getting out of the way of, on or off the mat.

Candace Brown