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Cliff2Yogapreneur: Cliff Latham

Yoga Pod: College Station


Let’s start with a quick summary of you! I have been in the fitness business my whole life and love to find health and wellness opportunities to bring to our community that serve the public. I was named “The Father of Fitness” in our community.  Ha… not sure about that, but it is such a joy to support and then watch people finish a race or find wellness, knowing you played a part in their success.


That’s so cool! How did you get into the Yoga Pod business?  I saw a serious need to bring a quality and full service yoga studio into our community.  When I traveled to Yoga Pod Boulder, I knew that if I could bring even a piece of that back to College Station, we would have a home run.  And we have.


College Station has a bunch of great restaurants! What’s your favorite lunch spot in the city? I would have to say Napa Flats.cliff3


Are you involved in your community in ways other than being a Yogapreneur? I do everything and anything related to fitness in our town and the opportunities are endless.  On most weekends you can find me coaching at a local race or helping out with them in a myriad of ways.  There is nothing better than watching a big community race unfold and seeing all the joy in everyone’s eyes at the finish lines.


What would you say is the best kept secret here in town? I think the free concerts during the summer at the Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater are amazing.


On a typical Saturday, where might we find you?  Probably on my bike training for a ridiculously long race or at an A&M Football game. I also enjoy practicing HotVinFusion!


If you could choose a theme song for yourself, what would it be? Oh my gosh… Bohemian Rapsody.  I have no Cliff1idea what that would actually mean about me, but I am going with that classic.


Everyone has a guilty pleasure, what’s yours? Cheetos… I can destroy a bag of Cheetos!  Or doughnuts and coffee on a Saturday morning after a long run.  Can’t beat that.

Who is the most inspiring person in your life?
The cliché would be my Dad.  And most certainly he is.  But outside of that, my high school principal Steve Horak is the most amazing man.  One of those men who was more blue collar than anything, with the best values of anyone you have ever met.




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