Pod Evolve Relaxation Yoga

We value the serenity

of our yoga studio space. We ask that you please remove your shoes upon entering the lobby and that you store your belongings in the locker room. Please provide your own lock, and please do not leave belongings in lockers overnight. Once inside the studio, please respect the silence of the practice space.

Our sense of community

is an important component of who we are as a yoga studio. Our desire is that everyone who enters our studio will have a very positive experience and leave with a little more compassion and peace in their hearts from having been here.

Additional notes of etiquette

  • Before class begins, please inform your teachers of any injuries.
  • Please do not bring mobile phones, shoes, or bags into the yoga room. You may leave your belongings in the lockers.
  • Please refrain from wearing strong perfume or cologne, as this may be disturbing to fellow students.
  • Please be on time as a courtesy to other students, and for your own safety. Doors may be locked once class begins.


  • - I am not flexible, is yoga for me?

    The physical side of yoga practice combines strength and flexibility. Many inflexible people are strong but lack a full range of motion. If that’s you, then Yoga is just what you need.

  • - Is Yoga a challenging workout?

    On a physical level yoga can be challenging, but it is far more than a workout. Through various asanas (postures), the body is stretched and challenged, and develops a strong core as the foundation. Learning breath control, combined with physical effort, brings a sense of calm that can translate beyond the mat and into everyday life.

  • - How many times per week should I practice?

    We encourage practicing yoga as often as possible. A regular practice provides amazing benefits, both physically and mentally. We suggest that you commit to a routine that works for you and your lifestyle. We encourage at least three classes per week, with the goal of creating a daily practice. Take your time and enjoy the process. Yoga is a practice and will be a perpetual and changing journey.

  • - Is yoga a religion?

    Yoga is not a religion. It is a practice and philosophy that began in India approximately 5,000 years ago. We honor and celebrate the diversity of our students. We encourage you to commit to your daily practice, strive to be “present” while in class, and discover where it leads you.

  • - What does ‘Namaste’ mean?

    In Yoga we believe that there is light and divinity within each of us. Namaste is a Sanskrit greeting which means, “The divine in me acknowledges and honors the divine in you.” Traditionally, we exchange this sentiment at the end of class as a way of recognizing the connection that we all share.