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When I signed up for PodBarre, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. What I did know was that it was one of our most popular classes here at Yoga Pod, so if everyone else loved it, I was sure I would too! Upon walking into Charla’s class room, I noticed women and men of all ages surrounding me. I also noticed that I was the only one without a water bottle, which I would later regret. We all got a block and two sets of weights, one lighter and one heavier set. This was the first yoga class I’ve taken that required weights so I was very intrigued.


Charla started playing Rihanna over the surround sound and immediately I got excited. We jumped right into different variations of high-energy smaller movements, which was also something I had never experienced in a yoga class. 


I felt my whole body engaged for the entire 45 minutes of class, from my calves, to my core, to my shoulders and arms. After the first 10 minutes I felt myself dripping sweat and now I was really wishing I brought water! We were squatting, lunging, shoulder pressing, doing push ups on the barre, we did it all. And then it was time for abs! 


Charla instructed us to place the block between our feet and raise our feet above our heads. My core was screaming after the first 8 count, but I reminded myself that I was getting stronger, and I pushed through it. Every workout is a battle between my mind and my body. Once I learned to control my thoughts, I found my workouts to be much more rewarding. 


After class I was covered in sweat and filled with so much gratitude for Charla. She kicked our butts and I could not wait to do it again. There is no better feeling than finishing a workout and lying on a sweat-drenched mat thinking “I DID IT!” 



PodBarre is a perfect match for people like me who need a high energy class to counter the slower, more relaxing, classes. Some of the great benefits of PodBarre that you can expect to experience are cardiovascular conditioning, core-stability, lots of calories burned, flexibility, increased confidence and positive mood change, plus you get to listen to Rihanna!


The beautiful thing about the Yoga Pod Experience is that you can go to these classes as a first timer, and feel at home instantly. No one was staring at me as I was taking a breather between sequences, no one was judging me for my inexperience, everyone was just appreciative of the opportunity to practice with one another. PodBarre is so much more than a workout, it is a small community of people brought together by their common love of practice.


So here I am, the day after my first PodBarre class feeling empowered and ready for more! Fortunately, when I’m sore like today, I can go to PodRestore and allow my body to rest and heal. I can certainly say I have a newfound respect for those who practice barre! My only recommendation for those trying PodBarre for the first time, is get ready for a fun and challenging workout, oh and bring water!


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