Gerry and Nicole: The Integrity of Yoga in Business

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Yoga Pod Founders, Gerry and Nicole Wienholt, sat down with Yoga Pod Boulder Teacher Alec Vishal Rouben and Yoga Revealed to discuss the Business of Yoga. Listen to their inspiring interview on the Yoga Revealed Podcast! Thank you Alec for the opportunity to share our story.


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Yoga Revealed is a community of yogis exploring the evolution of yoga through time and culture. They share real advice from the most influential yogis, and reveal the true transformative power of yoga one enlightening interview at a time! Learn more at


Take it away, Alec!


Namaste and thank you for tuning into the Yoga Revealed Podcast! Today we highlight Yoga Pod Founders Gerry And Nicole Wienholt. This is a prime interview for you if you have any interest in the Business of YOGA!


Gerry and Nicole are based in Boulder, Colorado where the birth of Yoga Pod started. In this interview we hear what it takes to not only run a yoga studio, but to be sustained financially and nourished in the building of a yoga community. Yoga Pod Teachers are valued with highly respected characteristics which are guaranteed to influence your relationship with fellow students, teachers, and all people in general!



This husband and wife team is an example for each of us to embrace the yoga of relationship!


What are the catalysts to success in business? How do we handle setbacks and have the strength to carry through? Hear this and MORE about holding integrity to yoga while making profits in the yoga industry on the Yoga Revealed Podcast.


Inspired by their story? Learn how to turn your PASSION into your PROFESSION!


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