During our honeymoon in Italy in 2005 we composed our life’s vision. Among the most important components of our vision was our dream of owning and operating a vibrant and transformational yoga studio — “a place where students could gather in a sanctuary of peace, to rejuvenate their body, refresh their mind, and replenish their spirit.”

Our love for each other and our passion for people is our most powerful motivation. Our plan all along was to share this passion with like-minded individuals, so they too could realize their dreams and create the Yoga Pod experience in communities all over the country.

Our dream has become our reality, as we continue to experience phenomenal growth with Yoga Pod. This is why we choose to scale our concept through developing a team of strong franchise partners.

Perhaps you will catch the vision too and choose to connect with us so we can grow together and revitalize the world through the amazing gift of yoga.

Nicole & Gerry